Connect Devices Together With the New Illiri API

Illiri, a leading audio-based connection technology company, announced the release of the brand new Illiri API (SAPI) that makes it possible for two or more devices to be connected together via the transmission of a short modulated sound containing a unique session id.

Compatible with nearly all mobile devices and websites, the Illiri Platform is powered by patent-pending technology and makes it possible to connect websites, phones, tablets, computers, radio and TV stations together. Developers can use the Illiri API for a variety of mobile applications such as payment processing, photo and file sharing, advertising and much more. Illiri Co-Founder Vadim Sokolovsky states for the press release that:

"Bluetooth, NFC and similar connection methods require users to be near the device they wish to connect with. With Illiri, we've made geography irrelevant—users only need to be near the sound itself. Applications can now connect devices and websites anywhere in the world simply by producing a short sound that can be transmitted via a phone call, Skype video conference, radio, TV or other medium that can propagate audio waves."

The company created a demo application called CardXChange that demonstrates the functionality of the Illiri API. Two mobile Android and/or iOS users can use CardXChange to quickly exchange contact information. The app keeps a history of of all contacts and the contact data can be exported into an address book.

Illiri API calls are processed through a high-performance matching server (sapid) and the API is Asynchronous. There is a Web API available as well as iOS and Android APIs which can be downloaded at the Illiri web site. Vadim Sokolovsky says about the API in the press release that:

"We're excited to see what developers can accomplish with this API. We're in an era where consumers want to get more done on their smartphones and tablets with less typing. Illiri is a one-click solution that can support almost all of the data exchanges we make on a daily basis."

For more information about the Illiri platform and API, visit

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