Connect to Our Collective Consciousness with PeopleBrowsr

PeopleBrowsr is another “noise to signal” processor of the social media tidal wave.  The platform they provide is impressive and engaging.  I had to pry myself away from it.  It is a tool to answer the question, "who in this social media landscape is relevant on this topic?" but that is just the beginning.  The PeopleBrowsr API is a pay to play way to gain social media intelligence.

This type of deep analytics reminds me a bit of RecordedFuture API, the extreme news analytics platform. The basic idea is that if you could intelligently process the surging stream of media being produced on the internet you would have an information advantage.  This advantage could be employed for all types of purposes.  PeopleBrowsr hits the obvious two: marketing & finance.  The pitch seems to be heavier on brand management and things of that sort, but they do mention hedge funds as potential consumers of their social media metadata.

One thing that stands out right away, these people at PeopleBrowsr have vision.  They have the guts to call twitter “collective consciousness.”  I just saw Avatar a couple weeks ago. Super late to the party I know, but you remember how they could connect into the shared memories of their ancestors?  Imagine that Twitter is our collective consciousness and that PeopleBrowsr gives you the tool to hook into it.  I think the direct brain connection is still in the works.

If you want access to this API package, get ready to pony up the cash: $999 smackeroos.  That’s monthly!  Get two months free if you want to pay for a year in advance.  Pricey, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.  This is a company with vision that is doing some real work to present you with something worthwhile.  I bet that this package is actually a deal when you consider the cost that many companies already expand on their marketing efforts.

If you can plunk down that cash, one thing is for certain, you’re going to be a well-informed social media participant.  The API allows you to get extensive information on individual tweeters that even they don’t have the means to identify.  Discover their rate of follower churn: just how often do their followers “unfollow” them?  What is the demographic profile of their audience?  You could also take a more topic focused approach and find sentiment, related terms, and popular URLs.  This API is snappy and hip, so of course it’s HTTP RESTful and their responses are JSON format.  I don’t see any client implementations on the site, or a real developer sandbox.  I guess those might be kept behind the $999 gate!

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