ConnectWise Embraces Agile Development And REST API Design

To meet the standards of the evolving web API industry, ConnectWise has introduced a RESTful API framework. This release replaces their SOAP APIs that Jeannine Edwards, Director of the ConnectWise Platform, realizes have become outdated.

According to Edwards, “This is a service-oriented architecture play, It allows us to move faster.” Publicly available in early 2015, the RESTful APIs are currently in beta use with a small group of customers. ConnectWise also plans to release .NET, PHP, and JavaScript SDKs to further empower developers with their platform managemnet tools.

In addition to incorporating REST design, ConnectWise has embraced agile web development. This process puts more emphasis on quickly assembling minimum viable products, publishing, and then using feedback to add additional features to the product if necessary. With 100 vendor API integrations currently in process, ConnectWise continues to offer IT services and management to small and medium sized businesses. 

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IT Nation 2014: ConnectWise Platform Adds RESTful APIs, Adopts Agile Development