ConnectYard Announces Launch of Brand New RESTful Web API

ConnectYard, a leading social engagement solutions provider, has just announced the launch of a brand new RESTful Web API which makes it possible for developers to create third-party applications as well as integrate ConnectYard functionality into other existing platforms.


Image Credit: ConnectYard

The ConnectYard Social Engagement Platform makes it possible for enterprises and educational institutions to provide anytime, anywhere communication using popular social platforms and mobile applications.

ConnectYard provides two-way messaging across social and mobile platforms which includes text, picture and video messaging. End users can receive and respond to messages from the social network, mobile application or text-capable device of their choosing.

The ability to directly communicate across web, social and mobile platforms ensures delivery of time-sensitive communications, improves collaboration and helps increase user engagement.

The ConnectYard RESTful API uses OAuth 1.0a based Authentication and the functions currently available include create users and yards, get user and yard information, post and reply to messages, receive message timelines, get reports and much more.

Matthew Devine, Senior Platform Manager, ConnectYard, Inc is quoted in the press release as saying about the new API:

"ConnectYard is committed to working with partners to deliver integrated communication solutions. We have invested significant time and resources into developing and releasing an easy-to-use API built on the RESTful architecture to enable Integration with ConnectYard. It is encouraging to see the immediate use of our API by some of our partners to make their applications more social and engaging."

For more information about the new ConnectYard RESTful API, visit

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