Considering API Parity

Marc Hedlund over at O'Reilly Radar points out an interesting discussion at FlickrCentral. The gist of the initial question revolved around whether a competing photo service should be given an API key so they can directly use Flickr's API to move a customer's data directly out of Flickr and into theirs. After some back-and-forth and internal debate, Flickr's Stewart Butterfield said "we definitely should approve requests from direct competitors as long as they do the same. That means (a) that they need to have a full and complete API and (b) be willing to give us access." Marc calls it API parity and notes that the basic questions revolve not so much around APIs but freedom and ownership of data.

More on the discussion from Dave Winer, Marc Canter (with comments from Stewart), and Nick Carr.

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[...] And outrage and concern over users API is being soundly argued clearly here, here and here oh here and here and woops not here (that is the launching of the new product, I get Fluff and Marc confused so often ! [...]