Contactology Updates API, Goes REST Over SOAP

Contactology, an Email Marketing service, has announced the release of its API. The new API Version 2 has big changes that make it more developer friendly. First, it adopts the REST style over Version 1 that was based on SOAP. It also provides data as developer-preferred JSON. The changes make the API easier to use, which is good for everyone.

The Contactology API allows you to control every feature that Contactology (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) provides. Some of the features include: Account List Management, Campaign Management, Surveys and various Reports that help give you insight into your campaigns. The new version of the API has been designed from the ground up with a clear objective of providing a REST interface. It is clear sign that Integration developers are demanding simplicity and REST trumps over SOAP in that respect. Contactology is clearly giving the developers what they prefer.

You can get starting with Contactology by signing up for the service. The Documentation for the service can be accessed with the free account and you will not be charged until you add a certain number of users or send emails. Once you sign up, you can generate an API Key that is used as the Authentication mechanism in your API calls. If you prefer not to invoke the REST Endpoint directly, easy to use wrappers are available in a variety of languages.

The API is one of most fine grained ones I have come across and you have absolutely control over every feature in the service. One of the features of Contactology is creating Campaigns. Now within Campaigns, you can create a Standard (send an update to a contact list), Triggered (send a newsletter when people sign up) or Recurring campaigns (send news every day or every week). All of these methods are available in the API with Function calls like: Campaign_Create_Standard, Campaign_Create_Triggered, Campaign_Create_Recurring with related functions calls for update, delete, etc.

Contactology provides one of the most comprehensive APIs out there to build email marketing solutions. The decision to go with REST also aligns with recent data that shows that both API publishers and developers are favoring REST over SOAP.

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