Contactually API: Keeping In Touch With The Most Important People In Your Business - The Customers

Staying in touch with customers is essential to building lucrative relationships and encouraging repeat business. With hundreds of jobs or sales on the go, and countless emails arriving in the inbox daily, it can become easy for companies to let some slip through the cracks. Contactually is a customer relationship management system, designed to provide businesses with a tool that helps them to stay relevant in their customers' lives. Contactually's API allows third party developers to access this functionality and integrate it with other applications.


The idea behind the system was to create something that would help create additional opportunities for business; a way to gain referrals and drive repeat business, ultimately increasing the bottom line. Contactually has several customer focused features that help to achieve this. The system automatically brings all of a user's contact records (from email, social networks and CRMs) into a single online address book, allowing them to manage everything from one place. Users will also be automatically prompted to connect with important contacts at the appropriate times, with a reminder of social updates and recent conversations to help keep responses relevant and meaningful.

The Contactually API follows a standard REST architecture and all data is returned in JSON format. Some example API methods include managing contacts, retrieving contact histories, and listing information about contacts. Developers who are interested in accessing this functionality can find further information on Contactually's website.

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