Contest With a Twist: Non-Mobile Location Apps?

Mobile may be the rage, but there's a whole breed of location applications possible from desktop and laptop computers. The trick is IP geolocation and the company behind the Quova API wants developers to push the boundaries with its new contest. The company will announce the contest today at SXSW, but Quova's Laurie Anne Lassek gave us a sneak peek yesterday (see video embedded below).

The contest site builds the case for non-mobile location applications:

Build the coolest location enabled Web app or website that captures users' attention, engagement and clicks using Quova's API. After all, 80 percent of consumer disposable income is spent within 10 miles of home, so why not localize your Web properties.

The winner gets a free trip to Future of Web Apps Las Vegas and anyone can enter concepts to be entered into random $500 drawings.

We looked deeper into Quova when the company launched its free IP geolocation API in November.


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