Context.IO Announces Lite API

Context.IO, an e-mail API provider, has announced a "lite" version of its popular Context.IO API. The Context.IO Lite API is not a replacement for the original API. Rather, Context.IO Lite started as a small project to improve Webhook performance. The potential of Lite quickly made itself known, so Context.IO decided to fully develop the Lite version and has now launched a beta version.

Context.IO Lite is currently in beta. The features in the Lite version include better Webhook performance and reliability, fresh data through calls directly to an e-mail server, improved response times, and instant e-mail account access at sign-up. Those interested in access can send an e-mail with an existing API Key to the Context.IO team.

The Context.IO APIs allow developers to integrate users' e-mail data directly into an application. The APIs use the REST protocol. The main difference between the Lite version and the full version is Webhook reliability. In Lite, users never wait for syncing. Once the e-mail event occurs, the Webhook fires immediately.

The Lite version continues under beta development. Additional features and functionality will be completely based on user feedback. Therefore, Context.IO encourages its users to provide as much feedback as possible. Although this is considered a "lite" version, Context.IO fully expects the new version to live up to the same standards as the original. Those wanting to provide feedback can send an e-mail to the team. To determine whether or not the Lite version makes sense for your application, review the API docs.

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