Converser API: Hear It Straight From The Customer's Mouth

For businesses and brands, the customer is king, and being able to know what makes consumers tick is a definite advantage. Converser makes this a possibility by enabling application owners to interact with their customers directly from within the app, getting a better understanding of their users and ultimately gaining the knowledge they need to maximise their appeal. Converser's API is available to developers who want to integrate this functionality with other applications.


Converser has a number of useful features that help to make it an effective communication Platform. In order to gain valuable insights into customers' preferences, the application provides optional customer profiles that show some personal information, what a person likes and dislikes and more. The service also allows app owners to learn what customers prefer by tracking events while the user is actually using the app. A versatile customer messaging functionality makes it possible to create anything from updates to offers, polls, questions and competitions to be sent to customers from within the applications they are using, as well as the ability to respond directly to responses and questions. In addition, Converser provides analytics to track user engagement throughout the customer interaction process, measuring exactly what is and isn't working.


By providing an API, Converser makes it's functionality available to be integrated into other applications. Some API methods include the ability to search, manage account and contact information, as well as retrieve contact information. Converser encourages interested developers to get in touch at for further information or just advice, tips and bug fixes.

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