ConvertAPI Provides Online File Conversion Via REST API

ConvertAPI is a Web Service used by software developers to convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, HTML documents, PDF files, and numerous other formats. It has already performed over 1 trillion conversions for 6,000 companies since its launch in 2011.

ConvertAPI aims to save time and money: instead of creating their own conversion Platform, developers simply integrate secure and cost-effective ConvertAPI into their solutions. The whole Integration process takes a couple of minutes and a few lines of programming code. No expensive third-party tools, no installations on client computers, and low use of resources (ConvertAPI processes files on its own servers).

Being a RESTful API, the service can be used with any programming language — C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Kotlin, Go, etc. If there are any questions or problems, one can either consult the extensive Documentation presented on the website or contact the support team (constantly hailed by the clients for its prompt reaction).

Another major advantage of ConvertAPI is the opportunity to create custom workflows. Developers can take any of 200 supported conversion actions and create a unique workflow tailored to the company’s needs.

In addition to this, ConvertAPI boasts 99.99% uptime since its launch nine years ago. Such robustness is achieved due to the globally distributed, highly available platform, which can scale up or down to effectively process any amount of traffic. In case there is an outage, the service is backed by a redundant IBM Data Center.

The last, but not least advantage is that ConvertAPI is GDPR compliant. Therefore it can be integrated and used by software companies that work in the European Union or process data of EU citizens.

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