Converting Physical Customers Into Cyber Fans: PosterOven API

Social media marketing is a sharp and relevant arrow in a business' quiver. Extensive time and money is spent on developing social media campaigns that serve to reach potential customers online, but what about those that haven't yet been reached online? PosterOven is an initiative that helps businesses get to their potential customers in physical locations, and at that point encourage them to engage with the company's existing online social media marketing. It's a web-based tool that allows users to create, download and print posters that display social media information and QR codes. The PosterOven API allows developers to access and integrate this functionality with other applications.


Here's how it works:

  • The user launches the web-based poster wizard
  • The user is presented with a display of professionally designed templates to choose from
  • The relevant advertising text is entered
  • Social network addresses are entered and automatically the scannable QR codes are included, enabling customers to connect instantly
  • The user downloads the completed PDF to their desktop
  • The user has the option to print the PDF directly or take it to a print shop to have it printed professionally
  • The printed posters can be displayed in a store, on windows, on doors, in a public place or simply distributed as hand outs
  • This can result in more followers and customers

The PosterOven API allows developers to smoothly and easily integrate other web applications with PosterOven. The API methods include populating templates, creating posters, displaying posters and more. Further information and API documentation is available on the website.

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