Converting Spoken Word To Text: VoxSigma API

If it's speech-to-text services you're after, Vocapia Research is in the game, offering a variety of speech technology services and working with their clients to adapt, fine tune or create products that are relevant for specific applications. One of Vocapia's products is the VoxSigma speech-to-text software suite that is suitable for many languages and a variety of audio data types. The VoxSigma API is available as a Web Service via a REST API over HTTPS.


VoxSigma supports the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. The functionalities include a speech-to-text service, language identification service and speech-text synchronisation service. The company also offers on-demand offline processing, customised models that are tailored to meet a specific application's requirements and a standard hotline service to ensure user's always have help on hand.

The VoxSigma API methods support real-time and batch processing of automated transcription data, as well as language detection and the synchronisation of audio with the relevant text transcripts. More information is available on Vocapia's website.

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