Convo API: Communication Gets The Job Done

In order to get a campaign or project off the ground quickly and efficiently, careful management of the creative and technical process is essential in order to avoid big mistakes and missed deadlines. And, of course, the very thing that holds it all together is clear communication. That's where an app like Convo is really handy - it's a cloud-based, interactive workspace for business, where teams can collaborate and have real-time conversations. Convo's API makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated with other applications.


Call it a 'social media' approach to business communication, Convo is all about enabling teams to engage and work together anytime and from anywhere with feeds, chats, comments, posts, annotations, edits and more.

The application provides a number of features that make this possible:

  • User profiles for quick and relevant information about employees
  • Micro blogging and status updates
  • On-the-page marking up and highlighting of content
  • Easy link sharing
  • Task lists and milestones
  • Company and private group chats
  • Unlimited file and image storage
  • Administration tools
  • Security controls

Convo provides a free basic package or premium and enterprise packages for a monthly fee.


The Convo Custom Feed API allows users to access the imported feeds functionality, and is available to premium networks at no extra cost. Each network in Convo has a pre-assigned AccessKeyID/SecretAccessKey pair. Further information and Documentation is available on Convo's website.

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