Coord's API Lets Cities and Transport Companies Access Curb Data

Alphabet-funded startup Coord is offering an API to cities and transportation companies that allows them to access the data it has collected from mapping curbs.

The API allows developers to search for curbs near a location by latitude and longitude, including, optionally, by time, and to retrieve the primary uses, permitted uses and vehicle types allowed for each curb. For example, the Coord API could be used to identify curbs that permit commercial vehicles to perform loading of goods during specific hours of the day. Where available, the API can also provide live pricing data for curbs that have paid parking.

Coord's goal in mapping curbs and launching an API is to help reduce congestion. For example, Coord's data could help drivers identify parking spots and assist on-demand transportation companies like Uber and Lyft in encouraging their drivers to only use legal passenger loading zones. It could also help city planners better understand how their curbs are being used so that they can make more informed decisions and consider changes.

To date, the company says it has mapped all of San Francisco's curbs and that companies like Google, Zipcar and Cintra are using its API.

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