Copyscape is an interesting business built on top of the Google Search API. Their services include:

  • The free Copyscape service for finding copies of your content on the Web by typing in the address of your original web page.
  • The advanced Copysentry service provides comprehensive defense for an entire website. Copysentry automatically scans the web daily and alerts you to copies of any page on your site.
  • The Global Web Rights campaign provides tools and information for "defending yourself against content theft and copyright violations on the web."

In a bit of a 'terms of service trickle-down effect', they make it clear that "Use of Copyscape is subject to Google's API terms". And their FAQ states that "Google has generously provided us with a high-capacity Web APIs key for use with the Google Alert and Copyscape sites" [emphasis added].

(I ran across their service this week when it was used to verify some plagiarism.)


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Hmmm.....but still it is an innovative service and re google I've put my skepticism aside for this company which currently (Mar 2006) rules the Internet.....

Why?? Because most of the other companies Yahoo! etc easily give in to govt's pressure and have a PAID search inclusion...(no not sponsored ads but inclusion). But google even for its sponsored pages (web hosting service..) the ranking in search is as good as it is for *any other* page in the world.......Google is a dominating bully........I agree (hey hey :-) ) but what appeals is its devotion to MERITocracy and I like that.

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