Cost Effective Communication On The Go With Red Oxygen's API

With work forces becoming increasingly more mobile, there is a need for businesses to have quick and easy communication lines with employees on the move. Being able to achieve this with existing enterprise and telecommunication infrastructure means companies can improve communication with staff without increasing costs. This was the idea behind the creation of Red Oxygen. It's a service that combines the functionality of email applications with the convenience and mobility of text messaging. With the help of Red Oxygen's API, sending text messages from an application or CRM is simple.


Red Oxygen has a number of integrated products that allow users to perform a number of tasks; use an existing address book to send text messages, have calendar reminders sent automatically to a phone, send broadcast messages to large groups and receive SMS replies directly in an email inbox. Users can also do things like generate emergency alerts, send appointment reminders to clients, schedule text messages, generate customer care notifications and more.

The Red Oxygen Red API uses REST calls issued in XML format. It allows direct access to the Red Oxygen SMS gateway, allows users to send automated text message alerts, intelligently respond to text message replies and more. Further information is available on Red Oxygen's website.

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