Could This API Be a Photographer's Best Friend?

Creating a photograph that gives life to its subject is hard. Once you have done that, proofing and selling your photos should be easy. ShootProof is trying to simplify photography post-production. ShootProof is a web based service that allows photographers to upload, organize, share, and sell photography online. The read/write ShootProof API provides developers access to many of the site's features, including uploading new photos.

Some of the ShootProof features:

  • Quick photo batch uploads, no need to resize images.
  • Manage your photos, events, and orders with ShootProof’s intuitive studio control panel.
  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth usage for your total number of photos.
  • ShootProof saves your original images - untouched, original size, you can get them back anytime.
  • Photos are stored in triplicate in geographically different locations.
  • Create your own price sheets - modify prices for different events, galleries, or items.
  • Choose your own lab - you may want a particular lab for convenience, or use different labs for different products, event types, or customers.
  • Accept payments via credit card, with secure SSL processing - choose from one of ShootProof’s supported payment gateway options (, PayPal Website Payments Pro or PayPal Website Payments Basic).

The API allows you to connect your ShootProof account into external systems to view orders, create events/albums, upload photos and more. The service could potentially allow photographers to automate much of their post-production process. It would be most useful to photographers if other photography tool providers used the API to incorporate ShootProof into their workflows.

ShootProof is one of 196 photo APIs in our directory.

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