Could This API End Road Rage?

How many times have you been stuck in traffic behind a car circling the block looking for parking? Have you ever been that car circling the block? Imagine how much time (and gas) could be saved if there was an easier way to find the perfect place to park. Santa Monica-based ParkingInMotion, a developer of parking information apps for mobile devices, is working on making the process simpler. ParkingInMotion's mission is to improve the way drivers find, compare, and pay for parking. The ParkingInMotion APIs provide access to the basic data in the ParkingInMotion database, as well as the optional higher level Rate Calculator and ‘ParkMe’ recommender.

Some of ParkingInMotion’s features:

  • Coverage in 500+ cities in the US, Canada, and Europe
  • Rates, Hours of Operation, Entrance points, and Occupancy Information
  • 26,000+ Parking Locations
  • Detailed Geographic Data

The suite of APIs provided by ParkingInMotion allow you to access many of the features listed above. This would give developers of navigation, automotive, and location based services the ability to tap into the resources made available through ParkingInMotion.

ParkingInMotion is one of 65 transportation APIs in our directory.

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