Could This API Help You Keep Your Friends?

Some of the best experiences in my life are trips that I took with my closest friends. These memories could be even better if I had not been forced to wait so long to get paid back after fronting the hotel bill. Sometimes friends have different ideas on what is an acceptable timeline for recompense. Now, thanks to Splitable, we can all avoid setting ourselves up for a let down by leveling the playing field. Splitable is an easy-to-integrate payment solution that lets customers split the cost of products and services with their friends. The simple online interface provides a forum for discussing plans and then facilitates payment. The company offers the Splitable API that gives store owners the ability to allow their customers to split the cost of a product or service.

The Splitable API allows developers to integrate the features provided by "Checkout with Splitable" into their payment processing procedures. This could make purchasing large ticket items easier and lead to increased revenue.

The Splitable API is one of 99 Payment APIs in our directory.

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