Could Kimonolabs' March Madness API Have Saved Your Bracket?

With March Madness comes the challenge to predict that perfect bracket, but with the odds of achieving this being something like 1 in 135 billion, a little bit of insider knowledge would definitely help matters. API building Platform Kimonolabs has created a March Madness API that aims to help users improve their chances.

Understanding that better predictions could be achieved by having access to historical player and game data, and recognizing that there wasn't yet a fully open and well-documented REST API from which to gather this data, Kimonolabs birthed the "un(official)" March Madness API. It's a full RESTful API that provides historical data on players, teams, conferences and games, as well as up-to-date statistics as the tournament progresses.

The API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate errors, and all responses are returned in JSON. Furthermore, the API supports all cross-origin Resource sharing, so users are able to interact with the API from client-side Web applications. Users will first need to create a Kimonolabs account (free), then log in for unlimited API access.

Kimonolabs allows users to turn websites into structured APIs, directly from their browsers. The company aims to provide a way for entrepreneurs, hackers and the like to build the apps they want without having to worry about how to get the data they need, and to provide webmasters with a sustainable way of piping data to those who need it.

Further information and documentation on the March Madness API is available on the Kimonolabs website.

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