Coupon Aggregator Handling 11 Million API Queries Per Day

Local coupon aggregation site The Dealmap will share the numbers behind its major growth, in part fueled by its The Dealmap API. The company, which says it reached 1.4 million users in nine months, sees 11 million daily queries to its API from its 271 developers.

The 11 million query figure includes internal usage, such as its popular mobile apps. The Dealmap's Dan Visnick said internal applications only account for 10% of the API volume. Its API is used by a number of large companies, including CitySearch, SuperMedia and, according to Visnick.

The Dealmap has built an impressive Platform in its short lifetime. In August we included the company in our local deals API round-up, along with industry heavyweight Groupon and its Groupon API. The Dealmap is special in that, because it aggregates deals from other sites, it has what Groupon does and much more. In fact, daily deal sites are only one of the sources the company claims, including national brands, local businesses and consumers.

For more stats from The Dealmap's growth, see the company's complete infographic. And check out its developer site for its app gallery of featured developer mashups.

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