Covering Mashup Growth

Quick pointer to a couple of interesting, thoughtful posts on mashups this week:

  • The growth of mashups continued throughout 2006: Dion Hinchcliffe does a good thorough review of the state of mashups today: lots of examples but lots of unanswered questions and models yet to be defined or proven (the "value proposition"), potential support issues, monetization questions, lack of tools as an obstacle to broader growth (and he draws good analogy to how tools and libraries helped spread Ajax like wildfire) but the promising advent of new tools like JackBe Presto and the recently profiled Kapow.
  • HakuKaku

  • StumbleVideo - a sign of things to come: Where Microsoft's Alex Barnett looks at the video market, the just-launched StumbleVideo and role APIs can play in service strategy given that StumbleVideo relies on web services like the YouTube API. He and I emailed earlier about this and I gave him a stat culled from the ProgrammableWeb database that I just haven't had a chance to write about: there were 21 mashups tagged "video" in the first half of the year, and 52 so far in the second half. So, over twice as many per month using those APIs, essentially mirroring the rise in popularity of video online.


See all 75 mashups tagged video here.

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