CoverPop = Art + Commerce

CoverPop is a great use of Amazon Web Services toolkit by Jim Bumgardner (aka KrazyDad): hundreds of similar Amazon product images merged into a single page that you can interact with by zooming-into individual items and ultimately buying on Amazon. There are versions for art books, digital cameras, cult movies, science fiction books, every guitar on amazon, and a lot of watches (as shown in image on right). There's even a way to include a dynamic banner on your own site. If you want to know how Jim made them he explains here. Has to be seen to be appreciated -- unlike your normal shopping experience. [via]

John Musser

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[...] Frederic Vavrille, based in France, created LivePlasma, a visually rich Flash application that builds on the Amazon recommendation API to show the relationship between movies, bands, actors, etc. Similar to the previously mentioned CoverPop you can go straight from interacting to making purchases. [via] « home | November 24th, 2005 | Posted by John in Examples [...]