Create and Manage Email Newsletters in Browser via the Ubivox API

Ubivox, email marketing service, has released a number of its features via the Ubivox API. Ubivox allows marketers to create, track, and manage email marketing campaigns directly in a web browser. Because Ubivox is web-based, no additional software becomes necessary to create top notch campaigns. From simple email marketing to tips, to enterprise grade web based software tools, Ubivox aims to be the go to newsletter partner.

Ubivox was founded with the the goal to streamline email creation, tracking, collection, and management from a simple Endpoint that removed the need for disparate tools and arduous oversight. Today, Ubivox serves over 1000 companies that send newsletters on a consistent basis. From Amnesty International and Unilever, to small businesses around Europe; companies trust Ubivox with its dead simple technology. Colgate Professional Business Coordinator, Charlotte Sorensen, praised:

"The system is incredibly user friendly and it has the most important functions that a newsletter must contain."

The Ubivox API uses XML- RPC protocol. API methods include email, imports, data, media, webhook, subscriber, account, system, subscription, target, and delivery. For more information, visit the API site.

From launching a business to keeping in touch with a large customer base, newsletters stand as a tried method of marketing and communication. However, as web access continues to democratize, newsletters are continually caught in spam filters or other security devices. Ubivox helps streamline the creation and tracking of newsletter campaigns and helps ensure the target audience is reached without raising security red flags.

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