Create and Read Invoices through Blockchain-Based Request API

Request, a Blockchain-based payment solution provider, has launched a beta version of its Request APITrack this API. Through the API, users can create and read electronic invoices stored on the Request network. Because the Request core is exposed through an API, developers can integrate with Request technology without needing to learn development skills specifically tied to Request.

To supplement the API, Request has published a dashboard. The dashboard acts as a homepage for developers and users. Through the dashboard, users can manage accounts, access API keys and utilize other Request tools as they currently exist and are released in the future.

Through the API, developers can create Requests, list Requests, and retrieve specific Requests by Request ID. All blockchain-related aspects are abstracted by the API so that developers need only JSON API knowledge to exploit Request functionality. To learn more, check out the API specifications.

Request is a nonprofit and looking for contributions to its specification. To contribute to the Request Network, check out the contribution guide on GitHub. You can also join the Request API conversation on Slack. Sign up here for access to the API.

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