Create Engaging Custom Maps Using Google Maps Engine API v1.0

Google has announced the release of Google Maps Engine API v1.0, which features new CRUD operation functionality; applications can now perform CRUD operations on Maps Engine data via the API. Google Maps Engine is a service that allows developers to use Google's cloud infrastructure to store geographic data that can be layered on top of Google’s base map to create custom-made maps.


Developers can create interactive visualizations using data stored in Google Maps Engine and the Google Maps JavaScript API.

The Google Maps Engine API was announced in June 2013 and provides with developers a way to incorporate Maps Engine into their applications. The API can be used to create map-driven applications such as store locators, crowdsourced maps and crisis-response maps. Developers can also combine data stored in Google Maps Engine with the Google Maps JavaScript API to create interactive map-driven visualizations.

Google has also published new API Documentation and tutorials, including how to put your data on a map, how to build a custom map and how to update your data, as well as an interactive tutorial that is an introduction to the Google Maps Engine API.

Developers can use the Google Maps Engine API to create their own custom maps at scale, hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure, which can be used in mobile applications and company websites. Custom-created maps can also be submitted for publishing in the Google Maps Gallery. Google has recently created the Maps Engine public data program, which aims to make the world’s geospatial data easier to discover.

For more information about Google Maps Engine, visit the official product website.

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