Create Flash Map Mashups with UMap

UMap, provided by AFComponents, is a Flash ActionScript mapping API that allows developers to create custom map mashups with interactive data layers. Umap includes a variety of features including support for Flash/Flex versions, custom map tiles Integration, KML support, and other capabilities (see our UMap API Profile for more).

At present UMap allows for integration with two mapping providers: OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Virtual Earth.


There is a gallery that includes map mashups developed with UMap, including UMapper, a flash-based online map editor developed by AFComponents using UMap. Mashable has additional coverage on UMapper.

Be sure to check out the UMap API reference, as well as tutorials, a knowledge base, and support forums for additional information. Developers looking to use UMap for commercial applications will need to purchase a license (UMap is available free for non-commercial use).

Other Flash-based mapping APIs out there include the Google Maps Flash API, Yahoo! Maps and earthmine's Flash Viewer API. You can browse additional map mashups and related resources in our map mashup and API section.

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