Create Fun, People Powered Weather Apps with Metwit

Metwit is a crowdsourced API Platform that provides third party applications the ability to integrate media-rich local weather and environmental data that is hyperlocal and in real-time. The Metwit API Platform collects weather information from Twitter, Instagram, NOAA and other sources which makes it possible for third party applications to use tweets, photos, and metatags to provide users accurate and interactive local weather information.

Metwit Web App

Image Credit: Metwit

The Metwit API is REST based, uses OAuth 2.0 standard and data is returned in JSON format. According to the Documentation, a variety of metatags (collection of objects) can be accessed with the API including (but not limited to):

  • Weather-status - Rainy, snowy, foggy, windy, etc.
  • Measured - Temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, etc.
  • Felt - Temperature, humidity, wind intensity, etc.

Metwit offers a free plan for developers which includes worldwide coverage, weather reporting, reverse geocoding and a custom designed icons set that can be used with weather-status.

Metwit also offers several apps that utilize the Metwit API Platform which includes Metwit iOS, Tweet Your Weather and Snap Your Weather. These apps provide a fun, easy and interactive way for people to report and to receive weather conditions in their immediate location. All that is needed is the #Metwit hashtag to be added to posts made in Twitter or Instagram apps.

For more information about the Metwit API or to try out the Metwit web app, visit the official Metwit Website.

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