Create Phone Apps in a Snap with QuickFuse

The marriage of Internet and Telephony has seen tremendous activity over the last year with several products allowing you to create telephony applications. Creating interactive voice response (IVR) applications has been difficult in the past, but with several cloud offerings, developers are being spoiled with choices. QuickFuse, an offering from telephony provider Plum Voice, is no exception.

QuickFuse is a complete environment for building IVR apps in the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. The Browser based application features a drag and drop editor that allows you to construct your app using graphical building blocks. You can then assign the application a toll-free number and the application can go live in a snap.

I gave QuickFuse a quick run and was able to signup, customize one of their standard templates for a phone survey and deploy the application in around 15 minutes. Not bad! My survey application is shown below:


All the data collected is stored in a database table that you can create and which is part of the QuickFuse offering. The programming constructs vary from simple prompt, yes/no prompt, multiple choices, utility functions, database operations and external Web Service calls. And all of this is exposed via graphical blocks that you simply have to piece together.

You can sign up with QuickFuse for free or just try the online editor if you wish. The free account allows you access to their online editor, a database, an Outbound Campaign application, a $30 calling credit and a toll-free number and the developer API. Beyond the free credit, you need to pay per use. For both inbound and outbound US calling, the rates are $0.05 per minute.

They also have the Quickfuse API, a REST-based interface to its service. Currently only Outbound Campaign creation, uploading and downloading CSV data is supported. One expects that the API will be extended further as developers use the Platform.

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