Create Virtual Checklists in Existing Apps with Cloud Checklist API

Skybuffer, web application developer, offers its web based checklist (i.e. Cloud Checklist) via the Skybuffer Cloud Checklist API . Users create work lists, schedule activities, and plan outings with Cloud Checklist. Through API integration, developers can include the entire suite of Cloud Checklist functionality directly in existing apps and workflows.

Although Skybuffer launched a short time ago, its developers and management bring a rich line of history and experience to a complicated space (e.g. business intelligence, ERP systems, B2B/B2C portals, etc.). Skybuffer understands the complexities that arise in day to day business operations and has built its reputation on streamlining processes. Cloud Checklist is a simple, free, straightforward solution to everyday work processes that most of the digital world has overlooked (e.g. list making and tracking).

The Cloud Checklist API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Through the API, users can add lists, change/delete lists, create new items to a list, and manage lists. For more information, visit the developer site.

Many have outsourced daily tasks to apps. However, our mobile world has been overloaded with smart tools that pull our attention a million different ways at once. Cloud Checklist represents a simple tool that provides helpful functionality as a standalone app. However, when developers integrate its functionality with tools users are required to use on a daily basis, the value of Cloud Checklist is truly unveiled.

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