Create a Virtual Workforce with LiveWork's "Cloudsourcing" API

SaaS and cloud services provider LiveOps has just announced the release of a new "cloudsourcing" API for its LiveWork service. The Open Workforce API (OWAPI) enables businesses to integrate applications with an on-demand virtual workforce provided by LiveWork (more at our Open Workforce API Profile).

LiveWork's Platform, which integrates crowdsourcing and cloud computing, offers a new approach for leveraging virtual teams of freelancers that can perform high-volume, repetitive tasks. OWAPI is a vital link for the Integration of data, applications, and LiveWork's services, and it represents a unique API that combines programmatic access to manual services.


The RESTful API uses OAuth for Authentication and its default response format is XML, although support for JSON, RSS, and Atom may be provided in the future. The API documentation includes an overview, details on various methods, and an example implementation using Ruby on Rails. Note that the API is also rate limited, although it is not yet certain what the limits are.

LiveOps has also announced that Smartsheet, which provides SaaS for work management, and CrowdFlower, which provides Labor as a Service (LaaS), will serve as early integrators of the OWAPI. It will be interesting to see how these early adopters utilize the API to integrate their existing businesses processes. Stay tuned.

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