Creating Good Content Is A Breeze With Textbroker's API

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), the best way to get people to visit a website is to provide great content. Keywords, linking and other tricks aside, content is still king. For some website owners, generating regular written content is just not their thing, and in those cases, professional article writing services may be an option. Textbroker is an article writing service that makes use of its large database of knowledgable writers to create content specific to clients' needs. Textbroker has also released the Textbroker's API that makes it possible for third party applications to access data and manage the whole ordering process.


For potential clients, Textbroker is an easy way to take care of unique and current website content such as articles, blog posts, travelogues, product reviews, press releases and whatever else may be necessary. For authors, it offers the opportunity to sign up and start earning money by contributing to the writing team. Originally a US-based, English content creation site, the service has since extended to provide content in British English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. In a blog post on the company's website, Jan Becker-Fochler, CEO of Sario Marketing GmbH (Textbroker’s parent company) says,

"demand for unique, quality content exists in every language, and we deliver freelance-written text faster, better and easier than traditional methods. As a result, our expertise in matching qualified authors with client needs has translated well into new markets."

The Textbroker API helps to provide a better workflow and efficiency for Textbroker users. By implementing it into third party applications, users can manage orders directly through their CMS, blog or other application, making it possible to automatically handle things like creating orders, changing orders, receiving order updates, deleting orders, reviewing completed orders, requesting revisions and rejecting orders. The API uses SOAP protocol but does not have WSDL files. SOAP clients are available for PHP, PERL, Python and Java. Further information and Documentation is available on the website.

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