Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API

Creative Market, an online marketplace featuring handcrafted design content such as graphics, templates, themes and fonts, has just announced the upcoming release of the new Creative Market API which allows developers to integrate the Creative Market Platform into websites, applications and other services. Creative Market also launched a new Photoshop extension that uses the Creative Market API to provide Photoshop users access to premium design content from within the Photoshop program.

Creative Market

The Creative Market Photoshop extension is a great example of how the upcoming Creative Market API can be used. The API will allow developers to incorporate in-app purchasing of design content and create in-app marketplaces. Darius Monsef, Founder and CEO of Creative Market, states in the press release that:

"Every piece of creative software has assets that make lives easier. Unfortunately, the creative process is broken and those assets live outside of the apps, scattered across the Web. In the future, every piece of software will have a marketplace built into it. Creative Market is leading the charge by creating an API to connect across apps, sites and services. Releasing our Photoshop Extension is an example of how powerful the creative process can be when it's streamlined."

The Creative Market Photoshop extension helps to streamline the creative process for Photoshop users and the extension includes a variety of features including:

  • Instantly Install Assets with a Single Click
  • Browse, Search and Buy Inside Photoshop
  • Access Purchases and Saved Collections in Photoshop
  • Download New Free Goods Each Week
  • Re-Install Purchased Assets in a Snap

For more information and to download the Creative Market Photoshop extension (requires Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher), visit the official download site. Developers interested in using the upcoming Creative Market API can apply now for an API key.

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