Crittercism API : Combatting App Errors Before They Cause Real Damage

There are great new mobile apps being developed everyday, and so the user becomes more and more spoiled for choice. Any app developer or creator knows the value of the end user and that keeping them happy is paramount to an application's success. Pesky errors within a mobile app can make the user's experience an annoying one, so better to nip them in the bud before they create a real problem. Crittercism is a mobile app performance management Platform that arms app developers with sophisticated tools to monitor and fix errors that may arise, before they have the chance to scare the end user off. Crittercism's API allows developers to access this handy data and integrate it with other applications as well.


Crittercism's error monitoring features include crash reports, handled exceptions which highlight specific issues and manage where code changes are needed most, breadcrumbs for uncovering what users were doing just before the error occurred, metadata for detailed reports, alerts to instantly notify developers of any issues, and crash trends to identify trending errors and issues. In addition to error monitoring, the service also offers a beta version of it's app monitoring tool, which allows app creators to analyze network performance, location services and third-party payment and cloud integrations specifically as they relate to the performance of their mobile apps.


The Crittercism API makes all this functionality available to developers who wish to make use of it. API access comes with a premium Crittercism account, but public Documentation is not available.

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