Crossing the Pond: Twilio Expands to UK, Eyes Europe

Next gen telecommunications company Twilio is taking its first step into Europe. The company chose London as its landing site and will begin selling phone numbers in 50 of the most populous area codes in the UK immediately. Application developers can now use the Twilio API to build innovative applications for the London market while enabling the first Twilio to Twilio international calling capabilities. Along with the UK, Twilio is testing its service in a handful of other European countries.

Twilio VP of Marketing Rourke McNamara explained that Twilio is making moves with quality as its top priority. Since Twilio is in the business of providing a dependable Platform, this is essential.  Telecom customers do expect very high performance; outages would not be taken lightly.  With that in mind, Twilio is expanding methodically and strategically.  In its vision, a new market is only viable if a high level of quality can be engineered.

Two more waves of countries are planned to be added to the Twilio territory.  Today marks the launch of beta operations in Poland, France, Portugal, Austria and Denmark.  If these beta operations satisfy Twilio’s high standards they will become public.  Beta would then move to a second wave of countries:  Italy, Romania, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Finland.

The UK and European services only include voice service currently. The Twilio SMS API currently only supports the US, with limited support for Canada. Developers can apply to be part of an international SMS beta.

Twilio, also a ProgrammableWeb sponsor, is looking to expand its London office. Interviews have already begun, but the company is interested in hearing from you, talented PW readers.

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