API Simplifies Crowdfunding Integration

When it comes to financing a new business, project or exciting venture, getting large sums of money from investors isn't always an option. That's where crowdsourcing can become a viable option. Getting small amounts of money from a large number of people may be a more realistic solution in a lot of areas. This kind of fundraising is a great idea, but with it comes the need for a reliable Platform that can make the collecting of cash a simple and user-friendly process. is one of these platforms, and its API makes this functionality available for use in other applications. is a U.K.-based company providing a platform that offers an alternative means of fundraising for individuals or groups to build upon their ideas. The system provides the tools for users to raise money, create awareness and gather support for their initiatives. It's a simple process: A user creates a project outlining the idea, then tells the crowd by sharing the project. The crowd pledges cash in return for rewards and can then share the project with others, and ultimately the user hits the target and gets the funds required to pursue the idea.

The Crowdfunder API uses HTTP GET calls to request JSON lists of live projects filtered by the API. Users will also be able to search for their own projects by name and access all the details for those projects. In addition, users can search projects by category, namely community, business, environment, arts, publishing, music, film and theater, and food and drink. The API is in open beta, and users are encouraged to send any feedback to the company directly. Further information and Documentation is available on the website.

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