CrowdRiff Announces Visual Influence API for Travel Industry

CrowdRiff, a travel and hospitality industry visual influence Platform, announced an API that enables marketers to integrate CrowdRiff functionality into products and campaigns. The CrowdRiff API delivers a number of features including social media search (by keywords, hashtag, location, author, channel, etc.); calls to action within blog posts and photos; social media photos acquisition; photo organization by city, region and themes; custom descriptions of traveler's original social media caption; and visual maps populated by location-based photos.

"We're excited to release our API as the next step in giving new capabilities to travel marketers who want to build innovative visual campaigns and products for their audiences," Dan Holowack, CrowdRiff CEO, commented in a company blog post

Destination BC marks one of the first destination marketing organizations to integrate the CrowdRiff API. The company used the API to create a BC Explorer trip planning tool. The tool is a completely visual trip planning experience that utilizes thousands of Instagram photos shared by travelers. Destination BC is just one example of a growing trend of travel planning resources based on user-generated content.

CrowdRiff offers both an API and an SDK to connect CrowdRiff with user-generated visual content. While the API docs are not yet publicly available, CrowdRiff encourages those interested to get in touch with the team for access. For more general information on the entire CrowdRiff platform, visit the product site and check out the access tiers

CrowdRiff aims to provide visual content that matters to the traveler. Whether the content is professionally developed, or captured by vacationers; CrowdRiff delivers the best of a community in a single location. The single point of contact allows users to combine usernames, locations, networks, keywords and hashtags to enhance search ability and accuracy. Consider where CrowdRiff can fit into your marketing strategy. 

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