The Crowdsourced Phone Spammer List is Here

If you are writing a telephony system using the Twilio API, Tropo API, or Cloudvox API, you can interface with to shield your system from phone spam.  Now wouldn’t it be great if the API could be integrated into a “block” button that appeared on standard phones? 

There are two methods for searching registry and adding callers to it:  caller ID and number.  This double pronged approach should make blocking a caller a little stickier since one company with 10 phone numbers could theoretically be blocked with one caller ID submission.

What’s not clear on the YouCantCall.Us site is how to get your number off the list.  I guess that you’ll have to plead your case before the judge and depend upon the mercy of the court, should you be blacklisted.  So play nice out there.

Using collective knowledge and experience should make the list fast updating and accurate. This RESTful API returns XML responses. It is one of 262 telephony APIs, though 25% of these focus on text messaging.

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