CSI Simplifies Construction Standards Communication Via API

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) has announced a new Platform aimed at consolidating resources for working with various construction industry organizational formats. This new platform, which has been dubbed CROSSWALK, provides an API that should enable more agile construction workflows.

The construction industry relies on a massive amount of organizational standards in order to ensure that projects operate smoothly. CSI offers systems that help organize documents, manage contracts, perform cost estimates, and more. Until now, many of these systems were provided in disparate environments. With CROSSWALK businesses will be able to integrate all of this functionality via API. The announcement of the platform highlighted the value:

“As technology accelerated the construction environment, we saw a need for standards to evolve more quickly, to link between earlier and current versions, and to connect between the standards electronically.” 

Although technical Documentation does not seem to be publically available, the website does note that there are REST and GraphQL variants of the service. 

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