Culture24: Not Just Another Night at the Museum

Culture24's SOAP API allows developers to import or query Culture24's events, resources, and venue information such as opening hours and address, among other types of data from their Direct Data Entry Database. The API has a single method, SearchRetrieve, by passing a SearchRetrieveRequest that returns a SearchRetrieveResponse in XML.

The organization is a British charity that publishes two websites, a guide to museums in Britain,, and, which is a children's site with museum and online activities. An example of the activities is the national Museums at night which hosts films and other evening and overnight activities around the country. Over 400 venues participated in the 2012 event.

The group has four aims:

  1. To provide information on cultural opportunities to the public;
  2. To present a Portal for cultural resources for teachers and students;
  3. To promote greater interaction between individuals and communities;
  4. And to promote "high quality standards in the management and preservation of digital resources."

Culture24 "is funded by the UK government Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) through the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA). and Arts Council England (ACE)," according to Wikipedia.

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