Customer Service Transformed - Radish Systems Release ChoiceView Visual IVR API

Radish Systems (a mobile/enterprise software company) has released the ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVR (visual interactive voice response), transforming regular IVRs by allowing visual information to be shared during a phone call.

The phrase "call centre" doesn't bring the most pleasant image to a customer's mind. Most people just want to get the information they need as quickly as possible, and are more than likely annoyed by the self-service interactive voice response system that takes them on a round about journey to their solution. The point is, this doesn't seem to be working for most customers, and perhaps businesses should consider a more efficient system.

With ChoiceView, callers can both hear and see the information provided. Instead of listening through long lists, the user is instantly presented with menu options enabling them to quickly navigate and simply tap their selections. The user then receives relevant visual information instead of having to listen to a lengthy audible message, saving a lot of time and frustration, improving customer satisfaction and hopefully improving the company's image in the customer's eyes. The ChoiceView App runs on a 3G+ Apple iPhone, iPod touch or any Android mobile device with an Internet connection.

Richard Davis (CTO Radish Systems LLC) says, "ChoiceView provides a new communication channel for IVRs, allowing visual menus and visual response as well as data and photo input. Our solution allows an existing IVR to become visually-enabled with a script change only. It doesn't affect the IVR's call processing or hardware, and mobile users simply call an IVR in the usual way to begin."

The ChoiceView REST API for Visual IVRs is available now for free development and testing purposes. Developers can request access to the API on the Radish Systems website.

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