Customize Your Site Search Via the Google AJAX Search API

Google's Jeff Scudder has a new post on the Google AJAX APIs blog that details how CSS styling can be used in conjunction with the Google AJAX Search API (our Google AJAX Search API Profile) to customize the look and feel of the search interface and search results. Though it may not seem that important, the aesthetics of your site's search interface, and the way the results are displayed, are both important elements that can influence the experience of your site's visitors.

Google AJAX Search

Jeff's post walks users through a sample styling exercise that modifies both the display of the Google search box and the list of search results. Most of the changes are made via CSS, so it's pretty easy to tinker around with different styles and layouts to get the interface and results to blend more easily with an existing site design. And it typically only takes a few lines of code.

You can check out an impressive live demo of the customized search on App Engine. And documentation for the custom styling is available as part of the class reference for the Google AJAX Search API. Happy styling!

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