CWT Expands myCWT to China Market

CWT, a business to business for employees travel management Platform provider, has expanded its myCWT platform to the China market. CWT claims its omni-channel, open API-based platform is the first of its kind in China. As with many industries, China's travel market includes specific nuances that required some customization for the myCWT platform. However, CWT made the adjustments and is ready to launch.

"Our focus globally is to deliver the leading employee-grade business travel experience, and we have made significant investments in our myCWT platform to create a best-in-class proposition," Kurt Ekert, CWT President and CEO, commented in a press release. "Given China's high-tech, mobile-oriented pace of life, we are excited to launch a digitally-driven customer experience here that helps clients and employees in this dynamic market achieve their true potential."

CWT partnered with various travel, technology and e-commerce partners in China to ready myCWT for the Chinese market. Leveraging this in-country expertise allowed CWT to ready myCWT for use in China while maintaining the open API architecture that allows for simple Integration with third-party applications and services.

myCWT in China maintains the core omni-channel experience; meaning, users can connect through multiple channels (e.g. H5 website, mobile app, messaging app, email, and phone). Users are presented with both domestic and international travel options vis air, rail, hotel and ground transportation. Users can also compare air and rail options, as China continues to grow its high-speed rail network. The open API allows companies to integrate myCWT with their systems including expense and approval hierarchies. The new offering is currently being tested with pilot customers in China. CWT plans on rolling out the product in a broader offering in the second quarter of this year.

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