Cycling Analytics API Provides Tools That Help Cyclists Keep Track

Cycling Analytics is an insightful tool used for analyzing the data recorded by modern bike computers. By providing an API, the company makes it possible for developers to modify and create users' data in other websites and applications.

The Platform provides cyclists with a clean interface that includes all the basic details of their rides at a glance. With a bike, a heart rate monitor or power meter, a bike computer and a Cycling Analytics account, users can access powerful tools to analyze each ride in more detail. These include a power curve chart; a chart that shows the relationship between pedal speed and pedal force; histograms for power, heart rate and cadence; a training load chart; a zones chart; and charts to compare results with other cyclists.

Below is a screenshot of the Cycling Analytics dashboard:

cycling analytics

The Cycling Analytics API is based on the OAuth 2.0 Framework and is fairly simple to use. There aren't API endpoints for everything at present, and users are encouraged to get in touch with the company if they require something that doesn't yet exist. To access the API, users will need an Authentication key. For personal use, authentication keys can be created in the API console, and for third-party apps, developers will need to register the apps before they proceed. Further information and Documentation is available on the Cycling Analytics website.

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