CyclingBuddy Rolls Out Open API

CyclingBuddy is a "free Platform that allows members to find other members to go cycling with." Described as the "Social Networking platform for cyclists," CyclingBuddy unites cyclists around the globe and promotes sharing routes, training tips, and overall opinions on cycling. In a strategic move, CyclingBuddy recently opened the CyclingBuddy API to allow developers to integrate with its platform. CyclingBuddy founder and CEO, Tony Piedade, commented: "we are really good at motivating people to cycle, while Apps are great at recording progress and performance." Piedade envisions great partnership opportunities where "everybody wins."

Although the social network for cycling launched merely a few months ago, CyclingBuddy has gained substantial traction. In a couple of months, CyclingBuddy members have logged over 150,000 miles and 1000+ routes across 14 countries. Perhaps more importantly, CyclingBuddy has developed strategic partnerships that may lead to Integration with their newly launched open API. Strategic partners include Camelbak, Madison, Cycletta, and Summit Different.

CyclingBuddy announced the open API a few days ago, and little public information is currently available. Interested developers should contact CyclingBuddy directly: Given the popularity of Apps surrounding CyclingBuddy's sister site:, expect a wave of integration and press releases to flood the web in the coming months.

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