Cyfe, Zapier Integration Expands Business Dashboard

Cyfe, an all-in-one business dashboard solution, announced that it has integrated with Zapier, an automated app Integration solution. The Cyfe business dashboard allows users to monitor all of their business data from a single viewpoint. Typically, it releases a custom widget for various apps that allows integration with the Cyfe dashboard. However, it takes time and programming knowledge to integrate a new widget for every app that constitutes business data of interest. Accordingly, the need for a Zapier integration arises. Zapier adds dashboard integration capabilities for hundreds of apps without the need of a programmer's assistance.

Zap integrates two apps through its Zap process. A Zap is simply a trigger and a corresponding action. For example, a new lead (trigger) will add it to the Cyfe dashboard (action). The Cyfe/Zapier integration benefits both companies. The more apps Cyfe can incorporate into its dashboard, the more data a user can derive meaning from. The more Zaps Zapier conducts, the more value users see in connecting two apps via Zapier.

To get started with the Cyfe/Zapier integration, log in to Cyfe and configure a custom Push API widget on the dashboard. Once the new widget is configured, an API Endpoint appears. Copy the endpoint and save the widget. Next, log in to Zapier and create a new Zap. Paste the Cyfe endpoint when asked for an endpoint. With those simple steps, Zapier will automatically push data to Cyfe moving forward. The integration includes more than 400 apps that Zapier can push to Cyfe. Both Cyfe and Zapier have free options.

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