Daily API RoundUp: AerisWeather, Loom, Zoom, Walmart, HTNG

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Weather, and Blockchain. Featured today are several APIs from the Walmart Open API Developer Portal for affiliates and the Zoom Rooms API for virtual meetings data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Loom Network allows developers to build commercial blockchain applications on top of Ethereum. Loom's indirect API enables developers access to Loom Unity SDK, Loom Go SDK, Loom RPC Go SDK, and Loom JavaScript SDK to facilitate DAppChain Integration with the Loom Network. Online games can benefit from tradable tokens, avoid item scarcity, and gain compatibility with eternal worlds. Social media applications can be monetizable with karma tokens. The Loom API and SDKs are listed under the Blockchain category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Blockchain APIs.


Screenshot: Loom Network

Zoom provides a Platform for hosting meetings in the cloud. The recently announced Zoom Rooms API returns chat room and virtual meeting room data. Developers can use the API to enable applications to retrieve a list of rooms on an account, select a room and initiate start/join meetings, schedule a meeting, invite a contact, or leave/cancel/end meetings. Already available was Zoom's REST API, which allows users to programmatically manage both meetings and users, as well as retrieve reports on meetings. The Zoom APIs are under the Meetings category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Meetings APIs.

HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation) is a non-profit provider of hospitality technologies such as property management systems, point-of-sale systems, telephone systems, and building automation systems. The HTNG API is used to retrieve and modify information hosted on the HTNG's servers related to products, companies, and categories. The HTNG API is listed under the Registry category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Registry APIs.

AerisWeather provides weather data and imagery for developers. The company's most recent API is the AerisWeather Lightning API, which returns data such as type of lightning strike, location, polarity, and amperage. The AerisWeather Lightning API is listed under the Weather category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Weather APIs.

Get data about lightning strikes in the past 5 minutes or past 15 minutes with this API

Get data about lightning strikes in the past 5 minutes or past 15 minutes with this API. Image: AerisWeather

Walmart Open API Developer Portal features APIs for programmatic access to the Walmart.com product catalog. The APIs are intended to allow partners to earn affiliate revenue from customer referrals. We've added the following Walmart APIs to our eCommerce category.

Walmart Data Feed API enables access to a Feed of products by category, and is refreshed once a day.

Walmart Trending API provides information bestselling items based on user browse activity and sales activity, and is updated multiple times a day.

Walmart Store Locator API enables users to find stores by latitude and longitude, by zip code and by a city.

Walmart Product Lookup API allows access to item price and availability in real-time.

Walmart Reviews API provides access to customer ratings and reviews from Walmart.com.

Walmart Search API allows access to matching items available for sale online.

Walmart Taxonomy API exposes the category taxonomy used by Walmart.com to categorize items.

Walmart Post Browsed Products API lets applications recommend products to someone based on their product viewing history.

Walmart Paginated Products API retrieves products filtered by category, brand, and any special offers like rollback and clearance.

Walmart Product Recommendation API displays a maximum of 10 responses of suggested products, including particular item ID (see image below for a use case).

Walmart Product Recommendation API can be used to suggest products to users

Walmart Product Recommendation API can be used to suggest products to users. Image: Walmart

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