Daily API RoundUp: Alerting Hub, Restfulness, Moderation, SpoofSense

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Messaging, Notifications, and Biometrics. Highlights include an API that can determine if a user is spoofing a face log in with in image instead of a real face and an API for converting JSON to Slack, Telegram and other channels. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


SpoofSense is an Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm that detects if a face is alive or not. This service helps prevent fraudsters from using photos instead of a live face for identity services. The SpoofSense APITrack this API returns boolean for liveness, true for a real face, false for a spoof face. Find this API in the Biometrics category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Add identity fraud protection into applications with SpoofSense API

Add identity fraud protection into applications with SpoofSense API. Screenshot: SpoofSense

Form2Channel APITrack this API enables developers to convert a JSON POST to a Google Sheet, Email, Slack or Telegram message. It includes JavaScript to send static HTML forms to the API without coding. This API is listed in the Forms category.

Alerting Hub's SendAlert APITrack this API enables users to trigger multiple events from a single REST API transaction. Developers can use this API to send SMS, voice and email messages to multiple people through a single, one-off call to the Alerting Hub Platform, and receive tracked results and responses. This API is filed under Notifications.

Restfulness is an open source bookmarking service that coworkers can share. The service keeps tracks of bookmarks, categorizes them, allows following and more. The Restfulness APITrack this API offers programmatic access to manage categories, links, socializing, users, and forget password. This API is listed in the Bookmarks category.

Teams can share bookmarks with Restfulness API

Teams can share bookmarks with Restfulness API. Image: Restfulness

sendchamp offers multi-channel messaging services in Africa. The sendchamp APITrack this API enables developers to integrate SMS, bulk SMS, voice call, and text to speech functions into applications. The service offers a free simulator, delivery reports and notifications and simple pricing. Find this API in the Messaging category.

Moderation API can help protect platforms by allowing developers to identify personal information and mask it out - even if the user attempts to evade detection. The APITrack this API allows developers to define what type data to detect, send a request to the API with content, and then receive back the detected values and original content with masked out values. Methods are available to manage accounts, projects, and more. The Moderation API is listed in the Security category.

Moderation API

Screenshot: Moderation API

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