Daily API RoundUp: Alexa Metrics, Remita, iText, Vacasa, Readium

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including PDF, Payments, and Marketing. Highlights include an API that uses Artificial Intelligence to engage users, and the Alexa Get Metrics API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Amazon's Get Metrics APITrack this API provides calculated metrics, insights, and advanced analytics reporting for Alexa Skills usage. The Metrics API is in beta, and is listed in the Analytics category.

iEngage. AI provides AI solutions for developers. The iEngage.ai APITrack this API enables intelligent engagement for businesses providing rewards and augmented intelligence methods such as classification, interactions, and sentiment. Use the API to re-use information, access insight, and analyze interactions in existing systems. It is listed in the Engagement category.

iEngage AI API

Screenshot: Aikon Labs

Readium is an EPUB reading system that can be deployed to browsers, embedded into browser extensions, and accessed natively via SDK. Readium uses a two module system to distribute publications over HTTPS. Readium offers indirect APITrack this API access via several SDKs for easy Integration. It is listed in the Publishing category.

Agriness provides a farm animal production, information, and management Platform. The Agriness S4 is designed to increase productive efficiency in pig farms. The S4 APITrack this API integrates livestock management capabilities with direct access to accounts, entities, and farm information. Agriness API is listed in the Animals category.

Lingua Robot is a natural language text processing and dictionary API. The Lingua Robot APITrack this API allows access to data for more than 800,000 English lexical entries, such as words, phrasal verbs, multiword expressions, and more. Developers can use the API to get data returned about definitions, synonyms, antonyms, phonetic pronunciations, canonical forms, morphemes, and more. It is listed in the Dictionary category.

Lingua Robot API for word definitions and NLP

Lingua Robot API is for word definitions and NLP. Screenshot: Lingua Robot

ScreenshotAPITrack this API allows users to take screenshots. An API token is required to authorize a GET or POST request. Code examples that show how to save a website screenshot to a file are available for PHP and JavaScript. This API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Screenshots category.

Simple Cloudware provides tools and services for developers to simplify code and application creation. The Simple Cloudware APITrack this API provides the fundamental Back-end needs for maintaining and creating an API. This includes logging, ping, automation, toggling, account creation, validation, alerting, content management, and lookup tables.

Bayes Esports Solutions provides data services for the eSports, media, and betting industry. The Bayes Esports APITrack this API (currently in Beta) provides data about eSports. Data returned includes match dates, match IDs, match formats, match results, and information about titles. Covered eSports include League of Legends, Counter Strike, and Overwatch, with more titles coming in the future. This API is listed under the eSports category.

Bayes eSports API returns game, match, and player data.

Bayes eSports API returns game, match, and player data. Screenshot: Bayes Esports Solutions

Remita is a payment platform for applications and websites. The Remita APITrack this API enables developers to integrate payment capabilities with applications. This platform can be utilized to pay invoices, receive payments, implement payroll for businesses, buy airtime/data, and more. The API is listed in the Payments category.

Flashy is a marketing automation platform encompassing website popups, email, sms and push notifications. The FlashyApp APITrack this API allows programmatic access to marketing automation data including contacts, lists, emails, and SMS. FlashyApp is compatible with WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. The API is listed in the Marketing category.

Vacasa offers a vacation rental platform that includes community association management, 3D virtual tours of every property, local staff, interior design, and more, and booking. The Vacasa APITrack this API enables developers to integrate rental management and booking functions in applications. API methods are available for available units, unit lists, photos, contacts, addresses, countries and more. This API is listed under Rentals.

JobsPikr is an automated job data Feed from leading job boards. The JobsPikr APITrack this API enables developers to integrate with job feeds based on job type, location, job title, and set of keywords. This API is adequate for recruitment agencies, job boards, and AI-driven job matching applications. The API is listed in the Jobs category.

Website Toolbox is a service for creating forums for user communication and engagement. The Website Toolbox REST APITrack this API enables developers to interact with customizable forums. The API can be utilized to access conversations, messages, posts, and user groups. The API is listed in the Forums category.

html2pdf.app APITrack this API enables HTML to PDF conversions. Developers can send an HTTP request with specific parameters associated with the document to convert. Results can be retrieved in a Callback URL after background processing. This API is also listed in the PDF category.

iText is an engine that enables handling and manipulation of PDF documents. The iText APITrack this API allows developers to integrate PDF functionalities into workflows, applications, processes, and products. iText supports HTML to PDF conversions, multiple language support, PDF editing, and debugging tools. The API is accessible via Java and .NET SDKs, and is listed in the PDF category.

Visionati provides recognition services for images and videos from Web, Social, YouTube, Vimeo and more. The Visionati APITrack this API enables developers to get data from images and videos including tags, faces, brands, colors, and text. Visionati uses frame-by-frame analysis to automatically detect nudity, violence and other sensitive content. It is filed under Recognition.

Visonati API returns image color analysis, NSFW, logos, faces, and more

Visonati API returns image color analysis, NSFW, logos, faces, and more. Image: Visionati

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